Fun Stuff


For over two decades (believe it or not) I’ve had a page dedicated to quotations and an ad free mailing list for a daily random quotation via e-mail.  The quotes are a collection of ideas, thoughts, and humor that I’ve found enjoyment in and shared them with the world.

Do It Yourself Stuff

See my selection of Do It Yourself Stuff…not the kind that’s actually handy….just for fun builds.  This has primarily been lightsaber builds, but lately I’ve been investigating other prop builds and a few raspberry pi ideas.

Random Tangents

I’ve probably always done this, but a recent conversation about diving bells made me realize how off the wall and random some of the stuff I look into is.  I decided that tracking these random tangents might be entertaining.

Card Games

Playing cards is one of my favorite hobbies. I play in groups ranging in size from two to nine or more depending on the situation. Name the game! If I don’t know how to play, I’d love to learn. Here are some of my favorites.


Ok…many of you know that I like to eat. What you may underestimate, though, is how much I actually CAN eat if I want to. Along with eating out, though, I do also enjoy making my own stuff too. So, in order to keep track of things, I’ve made my own little on-line cookbook.