Random Tangents

The Term “86’d” - Ok, so a while back I used a phrase that, to me, was common.  I said I had 86'd myself.  I got a couple of chuckles from others when I said it.  But, then I found myself wondering where that term had actually come from.  So, as most random tangents… ... Read more"The Term “86’d”"
College Football - I was thinking about a couple of topics today related to college football.  There's not any research here...just my own thoughts and questions.  Opinions are not the norm for my random tangents, but this is still pretty random. "9 wins isn't what it used to be." Why not?  Being from… ... Read more"College Football"
Insects - The other day, my son asked me how many people were in the world.  I told him it was between 6 and 7 billion and figured he really couldn't grasp a number that big.  Then he asked me how many insects there were in the world.  I have to admit,… ... Read more"Insects"
Right/Left Handedness - I was in a discussion I had been in before about issues left handed people have with the world.  The question came up as to why there are so many MORE right handed people in the world.  That led me off on a search for information. As it turns out,… ... Read more"Right/Left Handedness"
Gag Reflex - I was on day who-knows of trying to get my son to eat watermelon and had finally convinced him to try it.  Of course, he gagged, but held up his part of the bargain and swallowed it.  I thought about how I had a similar reaction to eating an olive.… ... Read more"Gag Reflex"


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