Lose Your Focus, Lose Your Life

This piece in particular really caught my attention.  As a father who hopes to someday dive with my son, I can already see how something this basic can happen.  Of course, it also does a good job of highlighting exactly how easily such a scenario could be avoided and reminds us that we always needs to be aware of our situation.

Lose Your Focus, Lose Your Life
Scuba Diving Magazine – July 7, 2014

The lessons that really hit home for me (from the article):

  • Monitor your own gas supply, and be prepared to call the dive when your air supply is getting low.
  • Stay out of currents_ on a dive to avoid working hard and consuming your gas supply more quickly.
  • Don’t assume a position where you have to “take care” of another diver, unless you are a dive professional and you are teaching a class. In that case, you are prepared to be the one who does the rescuing in an emergency.

Along with my thoughts and experiences while diving, I felt like it was a good thing to also include things that should be shared.  I don’t do this to frighten people away from diving, but rather to help those who are divers or are going to be to have a more safe diving experience.